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  • 讓長者積極參與社會,發揮在社區的角色和安享康樂頣年;
  • 減低照顧者的社會成本,包括時間、精神壓力等
  • 減少長者使用醫院急症室、入住率和住院時間;
  • 鼓勵私人執業醫生善用閒置時間服務長者,特別是弱勢長者。

“DoctorNow NEEDS” is the first-of-its-kind sharing platform that integrates information technology and medical service. Elderly people and their caretakers can book a doctor to provide door-to-door and video medical consultation using a mobile app, and enjoy medicine delivery and specialty service referral. We are committed to strengthening the primary healthcare for the elderly in the community so as to promote health, social participation and ageing in place, as well as addressing the imbalance of medical resources between the public and private healthcare systems.  

Social impacts DoctorNow Needs want to make:

  • To enable elders to take an active role in the community, and enjoy happy and healthy post-retirement life;
  • To reduce the burdens on caretakers as well as the social costs of the elderly health care.
  • To reduce the Accident & Emergency attendance, hospital admissions and stay time at hospital of elderly people.  
  • To encourage private medical practitioners to serve the elderly community, in particular the disadvantaged elders, with their unused/underutilised time.  

DoctorNow Needs 
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