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Descamps.Technology is a deep-tech company that develops AI based on its own sensor. Together, they create a seamless environment that senses and responses to the behaviour of people. The company services cover smart homes, elderly care, the hotel industry, building and toilet management and crowd flow detection. Its innovative solutions are cloudless, deploying only edge AI and keeping data safe where they have been collected.

The Ambient 16 is the company’s flagship sensor. It is the most advanced and compact smart home sensor in the world. The device is fitted with multi sensing and recording 16 physical properties. It provides over 50 home events, embeds machine learning and, most importantly, it respects the privacy, banning the use of cameras and voice recording.

Descamps Elderly Care is based on the Ambient 16 and its artificial intelligence. It detects home activities like mobility, sleep quality, cooking, shower and toilet usage or TV times. Its ambient data has a high sampling rate of 10 seconds. Therefore, it measures major activities of daily living (ADLs) for elderly care. The system is able to transform data into insights and detect subtle changes in vitality, health and life quality. It is an innovative solution for families, caregivers and the society to connect, understand and care of the elderly.


Ambient 16是世界上最先進和細小的多合一家居智能傳感器,能同時記錄16 種物理數據、感測50多種家居事件、配備機器學習能力,最重要是已獲認證除了沒配置鏡頭,也沒有錄音或的竊聽功能,保障私隱。

德柯斯安老系統以人工智能及每10 秒收集的環境數據,感測如長者走動、睡眠、煮食、如廁、淋浴和看電視等家居事件,紀錄日常生活活動(ADLs)。系統能利用數據洞察出長者活力、健康和生活質素的細微變化,使家人、照顧者和社會更緊密連繫、了解和關心長者。

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